Verbena Place Jewelry - Designer Jewelry in Argentium Silver, Gold, and Gemstones

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As you can see from our photo, we have been making jewelry for a long time:) David is the designer, manufacturer and photographer. Helen is the stone buyer, contact person, treasury curator, and all the rest.

We got our start working for Helen’s grandmother in her jewelry store. With David’s background in sculpture (bachelor of fine arts in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design), jewelry design was a good fit and we went on to open our own retail store. Eight years later David won a design competition which awarded him a booth space in New York city at a major international jewelry show. Since then, we have been selling David’s designs to jewelry stores throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Helen obtained the colored stone certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, while David obtained their diamond certificate. Helen does the stone buying and the stones are a great inspiration to David’s designing.

We produce most of our work through the method called lost wax casting, where wax patterns, embedded in a mold, are melted out and replaced with molten metal. The patterns used for this process are created by injecting hot wax into vulcanized rubber molds that David has made of his original, carefully crafted designs.

We use no commercial settings to hold gemstones. In fact, most of our pieces have no heads at all, but secure the stones through tension setting, using a spring action designed into the piece itself.

Argentium Silver is of 100% recycled silver, and the specific alloy that we use is the whitest, brightest, highest purity on the market, having about half the non-silver content of traditional sterling. In addition, it can be treated to be harder and more durable than the normal, lower purity material. Though a bit more difficult to come by, we think that it's well worth the extra trouble to obtain this beautiful, newly introduced metal.

Every piece you see for sale in our shop is designed and made, from start to finish, by David.

Like so many disciplines, jewelry making offers a lot to explore, always keeping both designing and production interesting. Our ideas feed off one another, or spin off spontaneous observations that catch our eye and imagination.

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